We are a driving force behind medical innovation,
serving as an incubator for ideas and a catalyst for change.

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It takes grit, vision and an innate resilience to brave the ideation process and build a roadmap to commercialization. Due to current systems unique to the life sciences, the process is incredibly complex, costly and time-intensive. This creates a huge barrier to entry into an industry that is not only ripe for innovation but also impacts lives around the world. To overcome the monumental barrier, accelerate innovation, and impact lives around the world, IntuitiveX was born.




From initial concept to final commercialization, we have the in-house knowledge and network of resources to meet your unique needs.



Our closed loop incubation model allows for unparalleled collaboration through all stages, including product development, prototyping, FDA, FTC, legal compliance, and more.



As subject-matter experts in the life sciences domain, our team provides data-driven insights and guidance where needed, from IP prototyping to capital fundraising, and beyond.



With a portfolio spanning from spinal implant devices to AI/ML, the opportunity to diversify investment is simple. Investors have exclusive access to our portfolio companies with a unique opportunity to invest in them first.



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Thru-Fuze Spinal Fusion Device



A revolutionary platform for tackling amyloid diseases:
early diagnostics, disease-modifying therapeutics, and anti-biofilm treatments


Minimally invasive, endoscopic surgical solutions.



Dynamic spinal tethering system



Sinistrality in surgery



A smart, wearable solution providing on-the-go monitoring and treatment for DVT patients



Simplifying and modernizing the process of tooth preparation


TULIF™ surgical approach to eliminate visible scarring

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AI platform to enhance surgical navigation

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Additive manufacturing and 3D printing for the masses