Whether guidance is needed in one stage or throughout the process from concept to commercialization, our team is readily available to identify, prioritize, and support your specific needs. IntuitiveX is most commonly sought after to assist with:


Intellectual Property

Overall Strategy
Turn your idea into reality. Our team of experts can assist with high-level strategy, create of roadmaps and forecasts, work through identified or unforeseen roadblocks and challenges, help retain focus or lead realignment, and so much more.

Patent Assistance
Save time and allow us to manage the patent process from initiation through office actions and issuance, including provisional or US utility patents as well as any other agreed-upon jurisdictions (EU, South Korea, etc.) and more.

After an initial analysis, our team of experts organizes focused invention sessions to help provide strategic, high-value patents in your respective field. We can also provide critical R&D to assist in the development in innovative new products, within or outside of your area of expertise.

Search Services
We can help navigate a variety of search services, including patentability search, providing insight to the commercial value of a patent; freedom to operate search, protecting against infringement by intended or actual commercial activity; patent landscaping, to help identify areas where broad protection may be available; and more.

IP Monetization
Focus on innovation and allow IntuitiveX to manage the monetization process from beginning to end, including valuation of IP, contract negotiation, technology assessments, market and value analysis, seeking evidence of use in market, and more.


Medical Device

Concept Development and Prototyping
Our team of experts can turn any idea that addresses a pain point in the life science industry into a concept that can lead to a product strategy. With various rapid prototyping methods, we can turn these concepts into a Minimally Viable Product (MVP) that can quickly test and validate for fast decision making.

Product Development and Engineering
With a vast network of professionals and engineering development companies, we can develop concepts into a mature design that fits market needs and also scalable. A robust design and development plan is utilized to ensure the product is safe and effective for users, satisfies all regulatory requirements and cost-effective.

Regulatory (FDA, KFDA & CE), Quality Systems Management, and Compliance
We work with the best and most experienced regulatory, quality and compliance experts to help assess, guide and strategize the most effective and comprehensive path for each product. Regulatory pathways and quality requirements can be different for every country, region and the classification of the product. With decades of experience both in-house and through our extended network, our team provides one of the best “customized” guidance through what can be a very complex field.

Manufacturing and Marketing for full Commercialization
We are connected to many of the best-in-class manufacturing solutions both large and small throughout the world. Depending on each products strategy, we can customize the set up to maximize cost effectiveness and speed to market.



Corporate Services
The proper entity structure is critical to facilitate a startup company's growth. At IntuitiveX, our team of experts can help advise and prepare all governing documents required for your entity; such as corporate entity filings, operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, employee handbooks, etc.

Financial Management Services
Not a numbers person? Our experts are. IntuitiveX can assist with all your financial management needs including creating your company’s monthly financial statements, creating and regularly updating your proformas, providing monthly analysis of actual versus budget, aligning accounting records to enhance financial reporting, and more.

Investor Management Services
IntuitiveX understands startups and can help deliver your concept and ideas to investors. After IntuitiveX conducts feasibility on your company, our experts will work with you to build pitchbooks and presentations for potential investors and partners, create financial models to illustrate your company’s current and future financial position, create a capitalization structure, provide valuation benchmarks for the company, and more.