Closed Loop Incubation

We have developed a closed loop incubation model which allows our team of experts to collaborate directly with our clients. As a result, we all remain in sync and in perfect alignment with the overall goal of taking an idea from concept to commercialization.

From initial concept to final commercialization, we have the in-house knowledge and network of resources to oversee product development, prototyping, FDA, FTC, and legal compliance. We also connect our clients with financing sources, create forecast models, and perform data analytics.

With the help of an incubator, the average inventor receives funding up to 10x faster, than working alone? What’s more, that inventor can raise $5MM more, while spending up to 10x less, in the process.

At IntuitiveX, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients, and believe we are the best possible partner for our clients. We offer more than just moral support — we bring a wealth of knowledge, first-hand experience, and a track record of success to each and every project. After all, we believe that together, we can change the world.

To learn more about our incubation services, current portfolio companies, and success stories, please reach out to our team.




Whether you’ve got an idea, prototype, or product, allow us to help take it to the next level.


The Right Idea

A lot goes into bringing a good idea to life. At IntuitiveX, we pride ourselves on cultivating a community of like-minded thinkers and doers — who each bring a deep sense of passion for improving the lives of others, and an unparalleled quality in their work.


The Right IP Strategy

Our world class patent experts make IP a key asset for all portfolio companies. Protection, fortification, and when necessary, proactive IP acquisition are essential in life science.


The Right Team

We have a deep global bench of experts and advisors with extensive experience working for prestigious and relevant global companies.


The Right Partners

Using the IntuitiveX playbook, we roll up our sleeves to actively partner with our portfolio companies from day 1 to ensure fast and effective results.